The ' ontology' (SA) is a set of terms (formally defined in RDF Schema) necessary to describe the production process, content and preservation of scholarly articles (and similar artifacts).

The ' ontology' (SA) is aimed to be used along with and in particular, the ScholarlyArticle class (and subclasses). When possible, SA terms of broad interest will be proposed to and removed from this ontology if accepted.

The ' ontology' (SA) uses the semantic of Role. Roles are especially useful for concepts of scholarly communication such as author affiliations, correspondence and sources of funding as these concepts are often specific to a persona (e.g., a person as an author of a given work) as opposed to the person in general. For instance, a person can be affiliated with N institutions but have contributed to a a given work only within a subset of the institutions he is affiliated to.

Readers not familiar with the semantic of Role can consult the introductory blog post.

Namespace, prefixed as sa.


A JSON-LD context is available at (requires a Accept: application/ld+json header).


See archive for JSON-LD and RDFa examples.



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